Frequently Asked Questions

If the paint on my vehicle surface is poor, can I wrap it so it will look better?

A quality vinyl wrap is best applied on a glossy shiny surface.  If your vehicle has faded paintwork, sometimes a professional buff and polish can bring the surface back to life well enough for a vehicle wrap or car graphics.  We are happy to provide you with feedback on whether your vehicle surface is suitable for a quality wrap.  Please contact our office so we can arrange to view your vehicle and advise you further.

At Auto Wraps Australia we will not install graphics to a vehicle if the surface condition is poor.  We pride ourselves in providing the right advice so that our customers achieve the longevity they should from their vehicle graphics.  We’re about quality.  We would rather say no, than have disappointed customers in 6 months time.  Integrity is one of our Company Values.

Can vinyl be applied to a vehicle in primer/undercoat as a cheaper option to painting it?

There is only one answer to this question.  No.

Primer/undercoat is porous and as such retains moisture.  This moisture collected will eventually (in a short time frame) lift the vinyl off the panel.

Are there any other areas on a vehicle that should not be wrapped?

Yes.  Unpainted plastics and rubber strips cannot be wrapped.  Unpainted plastics and rubber strips secrete oils.  Similar to moisture in primer/undercoat, these oils slowly seep out and will push the vinyl off the surface.

Will wrapping my vehicle cause any damage to the surface?

No.  A qualified vehicle wrap installer will not damage your vehicle during installation.  For a full wrap, the vinyl actually acts as a paint protection barrier.  Vinyl can sustain small scratches and small stone chips most of the time saving the paint underneath.  When the wrap is removed, the paint will be the same as the day the wrap was installed (providing you haven’t had any previous smash repairs).

Will spot graphics cause any fading on my vehicle? Will I see ghosting of the text when I finally remove the graphics?

When you see ghosting on vehicles, this isn’t because the vinyl damaged the surface.  In fact, it is the opposite.  The paint under the vinyl stayed the same as when the graphics were installed.  The paint around the graphics is what has weathered and faded.

Paint technology has come a long way in the past decade and most vehicle paint surfaces do not fade as rapidly as they had in the past.  Which is a good thing when you are thinking about vehicle graphics.

There is no guarantee that your vehicle surface won’t weather around graphics revealing slight ghosting when you remove the graphics.  It depends on many different factors such as how vehicle age, original base colour, whether it is gloss or metallic and how long you decide to leave your graphics on the vehicle and how you look after your vehicle just to name a few.

A good professional and quality buff and polish usually does the trick.

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