Important Information on Vehicle Graphics


We use films specifically designed for application on vehicle surfaces.


It is important that the vehicle surface is free from chemicals that may affect vinyl adhesives and we need to know about any of these chemicals prior to installation of your new graphics.


The customer is required to disclose to us prior to installation whether the vehicle has a paint protection system application, for example MING, as the vehicle will need to be prepared differently to ensure proper film adhesion. If you fail to notify us in writing prior to the commencement of the work of any protection system, any warranties and guarantees applicable will become void. Paint protection systems cannot be applied over or near any vehicle graphics as this may affect film adhesion and the quality of the graphics.


The customer is required to disclose to us any repair or re-spray work that has been undertaken to the surface of the vehicle prior to the installation of the film. Surfaces which have been repaired, altered or poorly prepared when re-sprayed may cause the film to fail upon removal and may remove paint.  If you fail to notify us in writing of these defects, prior to commencement of the work, any warranties and guarantees applicable will become void.


Please note that vehicle graphics installed to painted plastic or rubber surfaces, eg. bumpers etc, may remove paint when vinyl is removed due to the nature of the surface and paint processes to these types of surfaces.


Please note that if you engage us or we are required to remove any graphics that we were not the original installers of your current wrap, we have no knowledge on what vinyl or install procedure was used, although all due care will be taken with the removal, Auto Wraps Australia is not liable or responsible for any damage paint or otherwise, new or existing caused by the removal of the current wrap.


Please note that if you are using a rental vehicle for any promotional vehicle graphics, as we are not aware of the repairs or quality of paint work on rental vehicles and the likelihood that a rental vehicle has had repair work undertaken at some point is quote high, Auto Wraps Australia will not be responsible for any damage or paint removal to any rental vehicle and we highly recommend that you opt for the no excess cover when hiring the vehicle in the case of damage to the paint surface upon application and or removal.  Auto Wraps Australia will not be held liable for any damage to hire vehicles whatsoever.


Please note vinyl will not adhere to unpainted plastic surfaces or rubber surfaces.  Please ensure that your designers are aware of this to avoid any unnecessary costs and delays with your project.


Please note ideal surfaces for proper vinyl adhesion are shiny painted surfaces although vinyl can adhere quite well to bare aluminium and bare stainless steel surfaces.  However, warranty only applies to any surfaces that are shiny painted surfaces.


Please note that if you are supplying the vinyl for your project, we cannot offer any warranty to the product or installation of the product as we are not aware of the longevity of the product, it’s current shelf life expiration, how it has been stored, whether you have chosen the correct vinyl for the application or its actual origin.


Auto Wraps Australia, its employees and/or associates are not liable, whether claims are made or not, for loss or damage caused to the vehicle due to unforeseen and/or undisclosed repairs to the vehicle, whether disclosed or otherwise, including but not limited to removal of paint, a re-spray and/or inadequately prepared paint surfaces.


If you have any queries please contact our office.  Our team is more than happy to assist you.

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